We bring you adventurous real-life stories from scientists and conservationists working in remote and challenging locations around the world. We raise money and provide fieldwork bursaries for the next generation of aspiring biologists, and we provide a platform for proper science-based conservation.

In a nutshell, we’re everything you could ever want in conservation story telling.

Vinícius P. O Gasparotto: The endemic skink of Fernando de Noronha
Amy Morris-Drake: The Dwarf Mongoose
Jennifer Serrano: Discovering Poison Dart Frogs
David Patterson: The New Zealand Kea
José Sánchez-Balsera: The Lammergeiers of the Atlas Mountains
Abdullahi Ali: The World’s Rarest Antelope
Geoff Gilfillan: Lions of the Okavango Delta
Hernani Oliveira: Neotropic Bats (and what they eat)
Dave Bennett: The Tropical Bats of Sabah
Claudia Santori: Cloud Forests of Coastal Ecuador
Clare Duncan: Mangrove Conservation in the Philippines
Sigrid Heise-Pavlov: Lumholtz’s tree-kangaroo
Roberto Pedraza Ruiz: Alleviating poverty through nature’s protection in Mexico
Andrew Snyder: Reptiles and Amphibians of Guyana
Adam Brown: Saving the little devil from extinction
Martin Holland: Putting Together An Expedition To Central Kalimantan
Kathryn Scobie: The Southern Woolly Lemur of Madagascar
Ashish Thomas: The Indian Purple Frog
Charlotte Rich: Avian Malaria and the Endemic Birds of Hawaii
Stephanie Hing: Woylies of Western Australia
Jake Bicknell: Tropical Forests of Guyana
Beckie Garbett: White-backed vultures of the Kalahari
Andrea Marshall: Manta Ray Conservation In Mozambique
Emily Penn: Marine Plastic Pollution
Tatiane Micheletti: The Rock cavy of Fernando de Noronha, Brazil
Luke Massey: Conservation Photography in Zambia
Sarah Marley: Coastal Dolphins of Western Australia
Kalli Doubleday: Human-Tiger Conflict in India
Beryl Makori: Bats of Kenya’s Coastal Caves
Courtney Waugh: Koala in the Semi-Urban Bushlands of Australia
Edd Hind: Community Conservation on the Turks and Caicos
Rocío Valentín-Gamazo: Sea Turtle Conservation in Costa Rica
Neil Hinds: The Perhentian Islands of Malaysia
Fadilah Ali: The Lionfish of Bonaire
Waheed Al-Fazari: Sooty Falcons of Oman
Michael White: Sea Turtles of Tongareva Atoll
Laila Bahaa-el-din: The Golden cat of Gabon
Diogo Verissimo: Flagship Species of Atlantic Rainforests
Rebecca Stirnemann: The Little Dodo of Samoa
Debbie Winton: Red Sea Dolphin Project
Jose Nunez-Mino: The Last Survivors Project
Joshua Drew: Fiji’s Reefs
Jonny Miller: Atlantic Rainforest Capuchins
Lloyd Figgins: Citizen Science (whilst rowing an ocean)
Campbell Plowden: Working With Amazon Communities
Marc van Leeuwen: Owls of the Netherlands
Lawrence Ball: Dragonflies of the Amazon
Louise Ashton: Moths and the Rainforest Canopy
Sean Anderson: Wetland Restoration in Anatolia
Claudio Soto-Azat: Searching for Darwin’s Frogs
Andy Whitworth: Regenerating Tropical Forests
Jakob Shockey: Pygmy Sloths of Panama
Sarah-Jane Walsh: Coral Reefs of Wakatobi