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Our Partners

Discover conservation is supported by carefully selected partner organisations which you may see promoted on in the sidebar on some pages. This allows us to fulfill our aim to provide fieldwork grants to aspiring conservation biologists. Discover Conservation is hugely grateful that these organisations have chosen to partner with us, please do visit the links below to find out more about them.



NatureSpy is a non-profit organisation that aims to research and protect wildlife whilst engaging local communities, primarily using camera traps. NatureSpy supports Discover Conservation. Find out more…


awards_bg’s mission is pretty straight forward – we want to better connect the world with meaningful and engaging travel experiences. Find out more…



Summit Clothing is the UK’s first and only Social Enterprise retailer, while supplying the best kit the world has to offer to enjoy the outdoors we also pledge 50% of our profits to conservation and outdoor/adventure charities. Find out more…



Conservation-Careers: Saving the world one conservationist at a time through the biggest conservation job board, and the best conservation careers advice on the planet. Find out more…



BIOSPHERE is a brand new popular science magazine dedicated to the latest discoveries from the natural world. Delving into the most exciting findings from zoology, evolution, conservation and behaviour, told by practising scientists and supported by stunning photography. We also want to give back – with research and photography grants hopefully coming up in the next year.  Find out more…


Associated Organisations

Discover Conservation is also associated with a variety of other worthwhile individuals, organisations, societies and initiatives. We link to them to help publicize their work, and they link back to us in support of the Discover Conservation concept. If you would like to enquire about associating with Discover Conservation, then get in touch.

Wildvision.tv_Logo_Transparent A home for new short wildlife films. Let our film makers introduce you to their favourite subjects and take you on a virtual nature walk. Find out more.


Action for Conservation: A UK charity which uses pioneering approaches to engage and inspire young people to become the next generation of nature conservationists. Find out more.


A Focus On Nature: A network for young, professional nature conservationists in the UK. Find out more.


Blue Temple Conservation: Working within the local community to develop sustainable management plans for Marine ecosystems through refined research and data collection, giving the people the power and understanding to make change happen. Find out more.


Sierra-Trek: A small Anglo-Spanish nature tourism company with outstanding local knowledge. Find out more.

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